The teachers

Adela Ball

English teacher

Every teaching experience can offer the teacher something to learn as well, and I have always learned the most from my youngest students, the three-to-six-year-olds who gobble up knowledge and react so genuinely, so earnestly, to everything one might present for them to discover. As we strive to refine and develop our teaching methods, tools and approach, hoping to help make available, for each child, every possible advantage, the Stepping Stones project is the closest I’ve found to an ideal setting. 

Though I was born in New York, I’ve lived, studied and worked in various parts of the world, and there were always two or three different languages being spoken simultaneously in the background. I’ve taught adults and children of all ages in many different settings, most recently at the Preschool section (Maternelle) of the Lycée français in Brussels. The possibility of immersing very young children in a fully bilingual environment, while proposing a programme that is rich, diverse, flexible and tailored to the needs of each child, is truly a privilege, and the results are bound to be rewarding.