The teachers

Cindy Zang

Art teacher

Trained originally in commercial art / design with a BFA degree from New York, I have travelled and lived in too many countries to mention and have worked in various positions. Arriving with two young children in Belgium, I started to work as an after school arts & crafts instructor at their primary school in 2015 after completing a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate course. As of September 2019, I am thrilled to start my new position as a teacher, joining a dynamic and international team at Stepping Stones.  

Having been an actively volunteering parent at 5 different international schools in 4 countries in the last 13 years, I was able to see the needs of young children as well as looking at things from the educator’s perspective. Preschool serves as a stepping stone for the young children to prepare themselves to leave the nest to adapt to the academic life that will continue on for years. It’s a momentous step for all the children to learn to become more autonomous and to gain confidence in themselves. My goal as a teacher at Stepping Stones is to instill the joy of learning to set them on the right path for the future with a positive attitude towards school life. In art, we say that there is no right or wrong, only a freedom of personal expression. Through art and language I will assist our little students to express themselves and to celebrate individuality. It is a tremendous responsibility as a teacher to make an impact during these tender years of preschool. I thank you for trusting us to guide your precious children through this first step of learning and hope that they will enjoy their time with me and my colleagues at Stepping Stones.