The teachers


Head of School
French teacher

“It's not success that makes you happy, it is happiness that makes you succeed.”

I am not Montaigne and to me, this quote has a value and a meaning in both ways.

I have combined my 2 years of training with my family life (I have a husband and 3 children), and at last I am at the final step of my dream: opening in autumn 2015 a bilingual English/French nursery school called Stepping Stones.

I designed painted furniture for children, and animal frescoes for diverse floors of a children's hospital, to brighten there long stay. I also painted landscapes in creches, such as the optical illusion of an open window, to widen their space and horizons.

Common to my private and professional lives is that I am a mother and I want to bring balance from an early age to everyone.

I taught French to young English-speaking children, and that gave me the motivation to open my own school: a customised school, a real welcoming place, a transition to primary school to be done respecting the well-being of everybody.

Stepping Stones wants to make of those 3 years (3-6 y/o) a time during which, step by step, the child will experience socialisation, education, learning languages, autonomy, self-esteem – all useful skills in preparation of primary school. The setting is bright and aerated inside, and with plants and trees outside, in the intimacy of a family house.

Children are attended by a strong bilingual team of young teachers that will train their knowledge, harmony and balance necessary for a good start in life.

This dedication will be inspired by each child's individual needs, with a direct collaboration with parents so that strong links can be drawn between the family world and the educational and pedagogical framework of each individual.

My aim is to lead new generations to have solid moral and intellectual basis, to allow stability, peace, serenity, reflection and not aspire to a race towards power.

This might seem ambitious, but childhood traumas, as well as joys, lead to what the adult will become. It's therefore better to build a monument, rather than vainly trying to restore a broken construction!

"The one who wants to succeed finds the means" Like in this proverb, I have deployed all the necessary means to achieve my dream for a childhood as fair as possible.

I believe my present and future willingness will help me succeed.