The teachers

Paula Lerma

French teacher

Colombian by birth and mother of two daughters, I first arrived in Belgium when I was seven years old. 

I studied marketing and after a career where I learned a lot, traveled a lot and developed my character, I turned to a much more satisfying profession which is working with young children.

When I was younger I looked after several children of all different ages, each one with their own peculiarities, who taught me a lot and made me realise I enjoyed caring for them.

I also worked with a team of five riders and five monitors at the La Cambre Pony Club, for two lovely and fulfilling years where I worked with children aged 3 to 7. 

Then I trained as a Montessori teacher and this approach has had a great impact on my understanding of the way in which my children, and your children, function and learn, and beyond that, my understanding of life and of human beings. I am learning every day how to accommodate each child and how to adapt each teaching method to better suit each child, in order to better help each child overcome their difficulties and to better encourage them as they develop.

At Stepping Stones I’ve joined a motivated team that shares this same passion with me.