The teachers

Katerina Honzakova

English teacher

Education and childcare - and the Montessori philosophy in particular - define my life journey.

Following a Master's degree in Pedagogy, I started teaching at a secondary school, while at the same time organising and leading private language courses. No matter what type of course or age group, my work has always had one thing in common: I always focused on the student’s needs with deep respect for their individualities.

Having had children of my own, I naturally started to integrate the principles of Montessori education in our home. At that point, I realised it was time for me to follow my heart’s desire and expand my qualifications to specialise in early childhood. Two and a half years later, I obtained a full Montessori diploma at the Montessori Centre International in London.

While studying, I also homeschooled my children (a daughter and later a son) and organised parent-toddler groups. This gave me precious insight into how family relationships and constellations condition the child's best possible educational outcome, and the value of close cooperation between the school and the parents.

I am passionate about Montessori pedagogy and the child's development, but I also reflect the latest developments in neuroscience and psychology in my work. I am happy to use my knowledge, experience and observation of each child to prepare and organise the classroom environment at Stepping Stones. My utmost goal is to give every child the possibility to maximise their full potential.