The teachers

François-Xavier Danjou

French teacher

The last 4 years I was an English Elementary Teacher in a 6-12 Montessori class.
A Montessori guide maintains individual and collective balances in all time.
The school framework is defined with benevolence and consistency in order to create a group synergy between the pupils. Within the group, each child will flourish and grow up by discovering himself /herself.
After 4 years my attention has switched to early childhood education, especially the 3-6 sections.
I believe that it is necessary to create a positive, dynamic, and nurturing environment around children from an early stage of development.
Montessori teacher, but not only...
I have a degree in Foreign Languages (English, Spanish, Russian).
I have been married for 10 years and I’m the father of 2 children.
Our family is a right example of a multicultural family since my wife is Russian.
I practice soccer, long distance running, and indoor rock climbing.
And now I am a French teacher within Stepping Stones!