The teachers



Anoshka Jasim

English teacher

Living across Asia, the Middle East and Europe, I studied Business Administration and worked in Schools Administration for 5 years before getting married. I now have 2 lovely sons and along this journey I discovered my passion for early childhood education. After receiving my International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy in London (specialized in early childhood education), I worked in multiple schools in Belgium as a supply and part time teacher for 5 years following different education models, including the Montessori system.

Throughout my career, I have learned a lot about children's development and how each child develops in a unique way. I believe that the Montessori method encourages each child’s individual growth and development as a learner and person. Through this pedagogy we learn to respect the pace and personality of each child and help them gain self-esteem and confidence.

Outside of school, I am passionate about arts and crafts, spending time with my family and have recently discovered a flair for creating video content for children.