The teachers

Alice Perez

Music teacher

As a French citizen who grew up in Japan and in New Zealand (among other countries), I am completely bilingual in English and French. From my earliest years I've been a musician — I started classical piano at age 4 and taught myself to play the guitar when I was 13 — and a fairly atypical musical journey led me to become the musician/singer (/songwriter) that I am today. As for my interest in children and teaching, I grew up in a large family where we all looked out for each. When I was young I earned my pocket money by giving my little neighbours  English or piano lessons, and when I arrived in Belgium five years ago I began to work as a teacher. I taught English and Musical Appreaciation at SPOKEN in Uccle, and taught English at Tutti Frutti in Saint-Gilles. I also give  private piano and singing lessons, and am beyond delighted to take over from Léo at  Stepping Stones…!