The teachers

Tim de Fontaine

Music teacher

Tim de Fontaine was born in Braine l’Alleud in 1995. Although he began to study music as a young teenager, his passion for piano, guitar and composition has remained a constant in his life. When he was 17 ans, he began to study at the Jazz Studio in Antwerp. A year later, he moved to London to pursue his  studies at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. He then did a Master's in composition and production at the University of Westminster. 

In 2018 he returned to Brussels to work in various recording studios as a musician and producer. In parallel to his musical career, he studied mechanical engineering at KUL (Catholic University of Leuven). 

After two years giving private lessons, he discovered the world of children and musical appreciation. Since 2021 he teaches musical workshops and gives piano lessons at Stepping Stones.